Monday, May 9, 2011

I need a bowl of love

I miss to be touch.

I miss to be care.

I miss to be pampered.

I miss the feel of love.

I feel so untouched.

I want u so much, I need u so much.

I dont know who are u, where are u.

I just hoping that I will meet u.

The jelousy are inside me, I cant resist it.

I keep telling my heart, I dont need u, I dont need a guy to complete my life,

But I do need love.

I want to feel young,

I want to screaming and holding ur hand,

I want u to hold my hand, and hug me tightly in ur arms,

I want to feel secure wif ur love,

I want everything of u,

But still, i dont know u, I could not find u.

Find me, I miss u my LOVE.