Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I just want you to know FSQ

Sometimes i feel like letting go,

his love he finds it hard to show.

but when I go to walk away,

the love I feel makes me stay.

I want him to hold and squeeze me tight.

not leave me reaching out for him in the night.

why doesn’t he just understand,

that I just want him to hold my hand.

Maybe i’m the one to blame,

the one that causes all this pain.

I just want my heart to heal,

for him to make me see this love is real.

for the rest of our lives not just for a while.

Monday, March 7, 2011

We just like Blair and Serena :)

Dear honey,

When we gonna watch movies together again n buy all girl stuff??

When we want to buy eye shadows and shoes again?? when??

When we gonna eat Big Apple at Mines again?? When??

When I can see ur smile again?

When I can touch u and tell u that I miss u so much?

When can we laugh and cry together again?

When I can hug and kiss u??

Dear Puteri Suhaila, Watching Gossip Girl really reminds me to u..we used to be like that...demm..I really miss u dear..I love u so much.

My dear, Dudu :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Me n My Brother :)

Me :)

Wahh...akhirnye stlah brzman xbalik, (pdahal 2 mnggu je) Aq dpt balik jugak ke Serdang..sgt seronok..I really miss my family...(sebak tbe2)..

Hari nie sgt seronok sbb dpt copink sbeggy pants dgn long skirt..hihi..n got suprised from ma mum, dye blikn shawl cheetah cantik sgt!! Thanx mom..Love you...:)

Dah puas brcopink, aq pg Guardian, beli product muke....I hope this product gonna works to my face yg bnyak sgt pimples nie!!! Demm it... T__T Hopefully...Aminn...

And xckup dgn brshopink, ptang tu pg pulak Bagan Lalang..ayah smangat btol nk mkn kepah...aq yg pnat brshoping nie ikot jelah mkn.. hihihi..wahh..sgtlah knyang tadi..dpt mkn mcm2 seafood..om nyom3... hihihi.

Balik tu, aq plan dgn ayah nk pkai mask...lpas sume dh setel, aq ltak mask Etude House product Korea yg kteowank bli kt Alamanda pg td..perhh..sgt seronoK! Siyes aq ckp, mask dye sgtlah moist!! Even kowank dh pkai slama 30 mnit it is still moist n rase syg nk buang!! Product Etude House nie aq sgt suke sbb dye dr Korea n siyesly sgt brkualiti...!! Mmg mcm kt Spa.. hihihi

Besok, aq akn pulang ke Melaka balik..burrr... I'm really gonna miss all this stuff...hurmm...T_____T...... Ok..la..dah lewat nie..aq nk tito..huhu... Nyte...Love you Mama, Ayah n adik2 sumer..:)

Friday, March 4, 2011


This lie's become a part of me
For years, I've played this game
Acting like it doesn't hurt
Each time I hear his name

Ignoring what's inside of me
Pretending I've moved on
As if the feelings I once had
For him are somehow gone

Spending each and every day
With happiness and laughs
Forgetting all our memories
Avoiding photographs

But last night when I saw him
For the first time since he left
My heart stopped for a moment...
I couldn't catch my breath

When suddenly it hit me
As the tears started to flow
That even after all this time...
I just can't let him go

PAD 214

Ok!! Siyesly prasaan mlas mmbuak2 ntk pe ke kelas PAD En. Shawal esok! Imagine, skrg dh pkul 3 lbh, but I still wake up juz because helping my friend, miya update blog dye. Hahaha.. Penat! huhu..xpelaa...asalkn dye puas..( dye tgh tito hihi.. :p )

Actually igtkn nk gagahkn dri jugak pg klas En.Shawal..tp tertewas jugak..solutionnye?? SKIP CLASS jela!! hahaha.. Klas toturial En. Sebastyan aq pnah skip skali cuz nk wat ic, Klas lecture not yettt... hahaha.
Sgt xbrmya nk pg klas laaa..lgpomm stu klas je...hahaha...(alasan) :p

Btw, I wanna share something, finally, I going back to my home sweet home tommorowww...yeayy!!! Can't wait to see my family and my kecik...awwwww...:)
Balik nie, mcm2 nk kne beli and!! mcm2 nk mkan..hahaha...

Tp sdeyy..cuz xpat hangout dgn my beloved boyfiee...T______T....urmm..nk wat cmneee...time jela...if its the best for our relationship...huuu..t cuti sem kite kua yeeee....hehe. Love Ya!! :p

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Do we really need friends?

When we talk about friends, of course the people that shares everything wif u..people that always be wif u when u were alone...but are they the person that we called friends??

Aq ade kwan..kwan yg sgt aq syg dn mmg aq xsnggup mngalirkn air mata sbb mereka. Tp, kt cni? I mean UiTM? tempat aq blajar nie? Nak kata xde tu, ade..tp nk kata kwan2 btol2 kwan mcm kt skolah dlu mmg lah xde...

Siyesly, hidup aq kt cni sgtlah keseorangan..pg kelas sowank..pg mkan sowank...
Why?? Because I dont want to make any friends in here...I dont want to be hurt anymore...and I dont want to make friends wif the people that doesn't sincerely wanna friends wif me..
But I do have friends that gets me high...of course I do...hihi.. Everytime nak hangout, aq akn kua dgn dyeowank..melepak..why?? because they just be theirself and does not HIPOCRIT..Love em' very muchhh..:)

Sometimes I do feel lonely and sad..but I must remember that I come here just to study and not to make friends...I must be strong...and I know I can do it...I want to be successful..yeahhh..:)
Btw, knape aq nk rase sdih2..?? I have my boyfieee...and my family that always supporting me...yeah!

Qistina, you have your own FAMILY and FRIENDS. They are more demm fuckin' cool, so NO NEED TO BE SAD!

Love Me..:)

Love me in the Springtime, when all is green and new,
Love me in the Summer, when the sky is oh so blue,
Love me in the Autumn, when the leaves are turning brown,
Love me in the Winter, when the snow is falling down.

Love me when I'm happy, and even when I'm sad,
Love me when I'm good, or when I'm oh so bad,
Love me when I'm pretty, or if my face is plain,
Love me when I'm feeling good, or when I'm feeling pain.

Love me always darlin', in the rain or shining sun,
Love me always darlin', after all is said and done,
Love me always darlin', until all our life is through,
Love me always darlin', for I'll be lovin' you!

- Amanda Nicole Martinez -

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Valentine :)

Hihihi..oh my beloved buddy became my beloved boyfieee...xp
Dye sgt2 'comel'...kt dlm gmbar nie xnmpak sbb kamera tu fokus kt sy je..nk wat cmne..camera loves me more than him...hihi..jgn mare ye..:p
He is really nice person...we've been knowing each other since at middle school..lame kn?? hehe. Time tu kwan biase jelaa...start rapat lpas skolah cuz slalu kua same2..hihihi.
Differentnye dye nie sbb dye xmdah mlenting...brbeza dgn aq..yg cpat sgt naik angin...hahaha. Tp klu an dye nie, agak ssah la aq nak mrah..sbb bile nk mrah je, mst xjd..kcuali klu msalah tu bsar mmg xla nk cool kn.. hahaha.
Myb aq slesa dgn dye cuz dye dh knal aq cmne..bknla 100%..but he is understanding...snang aq nk cite pape..even psal laki...dye xmlenting...dats y i love you Luqman Mohamad Rosli.. :p

Hindi movies is the BEST!

I love hindi stories demm so much!!! Siyes, cite nie sgt besh, cuz the songs are really amazing..
Movie nie dh kua tawun lepas..tp aq xtwu..klu aq ajin pg pawagam tamil, aq tawu la kott... hihi.. xP
Btw, this is the firstime I know Sonam Kapoor and Imran Khan, both of them really suits together.
Sonam Kapoor is soo beautiful and Imran of course, Handsomeeee... hihi.. xp
Juz watch the trailer..enjoy!! ^^

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ghost Of You

Today is the day, the worst day of my life
You're so [Incomprehensible] me, I don't know why
The cost of misery is at an all time high
I keep it hidden, close to the surface in sight

I'm learning to fall, I can hardly breathe
When I'm going down don't worry 'bout me
Don't try this at home, pretend you don't see
I don't want to know that you know, it should've been me

Could you be with him or was it just a lie?
He doesn't get you like I do and you don't know why
You change your clothes and your hair
But I can't change your mind
Oh, I'm uninvited, so unrequited, now

I'm learning to fall, I can hardly breathe
When I'm going down don't worry 'bout me
Don't try this at home, pretend you don't see
I don't want to know that you know, it should have been me

Words screaming in my head, why did you leave?
And I can't stop dreaming, watching you and him
When it should have been, it should have been me
Today is the day, the worst day of my life

I'm learning to fall, I can hardly breathe
When I'm going down don't worry 'bout me
Don't try this at home, pretend you don't see
I don't want to know that you know, it should have been me

This song reminds me to someone, I just saw his pictures with another girl, ( of course, she is beautiful :) ).. I couldn't say anything more, so just enjoy this lyrics and of course, change the He part to She..I'm not lessy.. LOL xD

Song : Learning to Fall by Boys like Girl