Friday, May 27, 2011

Am I Alone?

I was there a true love for me? Or am just not realize it? It's kinda funny when am thinkin' bout the school, where am used to changed my Boy over and over again. But now, I dun have any. Omg, did my SAHAM already decrease?? hahaha. Adehh..It's will be a little bit of envy and lonely when I heard and saw my friends already have their own soul mate, I guess. Kadang2 bile dh ade BF or GF mst rase na Single sbb rimas dgn pasangan masing, but then, mule la sunyi ta de sape2. Is it me one of the people that have that attitude??


Sometimes, we always said that we need someone but do we really nid's him/her or we just want to fulfill our loneliness or the title of I'M NOT SINGLE? heee... friends always said that the True Love will come to u, and not You come to after it. So, just Chill for all the SINGLE people out there okey? 

**With the eye of HOPE..haha :p

To my bestiey if u read this, when will you bring me to Subway??
Am dying to have it!!!! haha..

So, for the people outthere if u still dont have anyone, just chill and spend more with ur will meet your true love when the time is come...and for the guy that destined for me..pleaaasseeee..I hope you are like my Prince Charming...awwwww...

**With the hand to chest and eyes to the sky :p

Me, my Family and friends, u have my love :)

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