Monday, May 30, 2011

I don't live inside Barbie fairytale world.


Hidup ni tidaklah seindah mana. Tidaklah setinggi angan2 yg kite impikan.

Like dialog inside the Aisha movies, that have a very deep meanings..

Life is not simple. This is not fairytale but it is Delhi. There is no rainbows only smog. 
If you can see one clear star in the sky at night then that's more than enough.

What I can say in here is, we cant get a perfect life that we want, or we cant get a perfect guy that we want, even WE cant be perfect.

Like my friend always said to me, We have to learn to go with it..msam manis kehidupan tu, mmbntuk kehidupan seseorg itu ntk mnjd lbh sempurna.
Kite mngkin ta dpt jd ape yg mak bpak kite mahukn ttp mngkin kite boleh mnjd seorg yg berguna ntk org yg kita syg.

Every people have their own life and they have their own style how they manage their life.
But we can give our the best to make our life become the moment that we can be never forget.

Be tough Qistina, u must learn how to bear with it. :)

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