Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fragrance Makes My Day Beautiful!


Dear girls! how's ur day? :)

I just came back from bought some stuff, am mean barang2 rumah je. lolx. Everythin' for my next sem stuff I think it is already overloaded. ahakz.

Hurm..topik ape ye kite na cite mlm nie? Mmandangkn blog lg stu tu, I da delete, so everything we just gonna talk at HERE ok?hehe.

Now, I guess we gonna talk bout perfume. I loooove perfume.
Lg2 perfume yg ade high quality of alcohol, than lame and sdap sgt bau dye. Tp al-maklum, I ta keje lg, so perfume under 100 jela mampu..hihi. I pnah pkai perfume 200++ tp itu pon my mom yg bought. Perfume Curious by Britney Spears. hehe.

My perfume are more to executive fragrance or lembut tp bkn terlmpau perempuan, and now, my perfume?

This is absolutely my favourite! the touch of it make me feel like am in Barbie world or inside the Lovely Lace shop. lol. But I'm love this perfume. I just gonna use this perfume only when there is special day like wedding, hangout and etc. Mmg I syg sgt perfume nie! hehe. I bought it about RM 79.00 and it is Moroccan Rose from The Body Shop.

Another one is, perfume by Playboy, Play It Sexy...ahaks..sounds naughty right? lolx. Well, yg nie murah je, dlm RM 39.89.. (my bestie support RM20.00!! Thank u, dear! :p) yg nie, I beli ntk pkai pg kelas. Yg perfume dr Body Shop tu I syg sgt, so mcm mmbzir klau pkai pg kelas je. That's why I beli perfume nie and botol dye sgt cute! hehe.

Nie jela perfume yg I ade...taklah mahal mcm korang..tak mmpu lg nk beli..lolx. :p

P/S : Korang pakai perfume ape? ;)

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