Monday, May 16, 2011

Friends. Did We?

If u already get a boyfiee or shorty then, do u will leave ur friend?

I mean, she/he always be with u no matter what u do but, after already get back to ur shorty, u will forgot what u always do wif ur bestiey?

At college, yeah, u don't have anyone only ur friend, but then, when u meet her, u totally forgot bout ur friend.

Even, at Facebook, that does not cost any money, but still there is nothing msg from u.

**Me, my self were worried bout u,like~

How's u? Did u just fine at there? What's ur backup plan to get back HERE, when will u arrive HERE?

But u really dont give a damn.

Sorry if it's kinda rude, but who am I? Did we friends or wat?

p/s : Thanx to my dearest friend cuz give me the meaning and feeling of Holidays!

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