Friday, May 13, 2011

Bored Hols


Dear..dear..and dear girls,

What should we talk bout for today? *let me think!

It is 1.25 a.m. Demm!! this hols is really bored. I dont have a car even license either..*lol

Well, this hols I need to finished up my driving class..its really tired! wif the teachers that really sucks for me. Ohh good...i'm tired wif all this. Why kite ta blaja je kete auto, I bet must there is no people that will failed their JPJ test! hahaha.

Just now, my friend, *I guess.. I just know him from FB. well we dont talk much or knew each other so much, and he ask me to chat wif him thru Webcame. Erkk...luckly, my eyes are swollen rite now, and sorry dear myb next time. hehe.

Well, ur cute and of course I wish ur my Sergio..ahakz! Dye nie boley d'katakn sbg Mat Saleh, cuz his mum is Dutch but his dad is Malay. He stay at Penang but now at Amsterdam. Kadang2 kiteowank speaks Malay, but its kinda funny when I speak Malay baku wif him...hahaha. Like~

Him : Awak apa khabar?
Me : Baik..terima kasih.

Hahaha...I cant belive I'v just said and spell Thnx in malay and like in SPM BM esssay..haha.
Well dear, next time when my eyes are fully covered from ketumbit and my face are cute that time, we shall have a WC! hehe. :p

Why soooo serious? Xp

Yg belah kanan tu la dye. Ahakz!

Sorry dear, cuz took ur pic! thanx, It's nice to know YOU! ;)


  1. untung la mate sume dok melilau kat mat salleh, hot setap, kabonye, hahaha

  2. lolx. ta beberape pham. haha