Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Morning all the readers!!

Okey, aku tak tahu ape motif aku membuka lappy di pagi hari. Ya, pkul 5 pg, lalu mengepost entry di blog. *Erkk.

I just finished my sahur, and if u wanna know, I just sahur with maggi. Oh yeah babeh. Maggi. A junk food that have a symbol as single and lonely. Nak lebih dramatik, bangun sorang-sorang then masak air, cuci muke and ate the maggi, ALONE. walaweh, dah mcm movie 'because you said so' pulak. Heh~

Okey, to get seriously, I don't know why, the lazy song is control my mind and my body. I really don't have a mood to read LAW 245. *nak tunggu mood tu dtg bila la ek?
The test is on Wednesday. I just have 24 hour lagi ntk memorize all the cases and the act. Okey. I'm dead. *read and memorize for me, will you?


Okey nak selit sikit pasal kelas Quality semalam.*post semalam lupe nak masukkan sekali. Excited pasal contact lens punye citer. Heh~

After finished the class at lecture hall semalam, miss nak tunjuk video and the first impression that I heard from my lecture's classmate is they sounds like very annoying an inappropriate.
They like... Alah...video apa pulak nieeee...
Most of them is mumbling. *okey fine.

After that, sepanjang video tu pasang, they make the inappropriate behavior and sounds again when they don't give any attention and mumbling and I guess Miss can hear what they said. And because of that, Miss turn off the video and she said, " You even don't give a attention. It's ok. And thanks for those that paid attention." *She sounds very sad.

And seriously, Aku tak paham kenapa budak-budak tu mcm tak boleh nak respect lecturer langsung. She just want to give us a knowledge. Respect la sikit. They like don't appreciate what the lecturer's gives.
Guys and girls dua-dua nie sama je.  Even u are dean list it doesn't mean u can be that rude.

Okey. For those people yg terasa. Ubah-ubah lah perangai tu. Be more matured, kita dah besar. Bukan budak-budak lagi.

#The End.

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