Sunday, June 20, 2010

What Actually We Need?

I keep thinking..wat is really a human like us need? Especially us..we are human full of egos and in our mind is just somethin that we just want to get a satisfaction without think it properly. I do really need a love..but not a love thats all about sex like all people want rite now but a love that have a short word is called true love.

Why cant people love someone without taking an advantage or watever , but they love someone because they want to..and they want to reach a happiness altho we know that in this century , we are not like Cinderella... But..i do want to be like those story that have a true love and happly ever

In this century..i do see that many of us..cant possibly have one person that she/he really love but , she/he will change his/her partner..and myb more than 2 people would called as EX for her/him.Why cant they just sincere and faithful to one person only and love they partner until infinity like he always said to me..but he just couldn't make it...Simple example is me..i would not tell how many people that already called as my what i wanna share is...I keep change my partner..until i dont know what is love anymore...and i cant feel it too!! Its just like im already forget what love that shud i felt.

What I want is...a love..truly love...that always have beside me wherever I go..share my stories with him...share my imagination...sing a song with me..and show me what love it is...and love me until his last breath..

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