Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cuuuuti ?

Assalamualaikum !

It's mid term alreadyyy ! and my holiday only left 4 days jer ! I'm not sure whether this is really hols for me or not because it's really stressed me out when u gotta a lot of work to dooo !! And of course yesterday I just talked to my old beloved friends, Iera adn Fany. Mula-mula kol si iera tu, and mmg lamaaaa betol bergayut dgn dia ! its been awhile ! and really miss her ! Miss to get crazy !!! miss to spend all the night with her !! gosh I reallyyyy miss you IERA !!!!!!!! ( tskk..tskkkk T_____T )

After that fany call and I talked to fany plak. Sooo busy ! hahahah. Fany asked for my opinion whether dia nak sambung fashion designer or culinary. I was quite shocked ! yela, she spend 3 years for Diploma in Scince and suddenly for Degree she said she doesn't want to have any relationship with science anymore ! hahahah. Adohai, haihh suka hati kau la fany ! as long ur happy wif ur decision and tak jadi zombie dah disebabkan science tu !

Now, back to the story of mine, arghhhh so stress, dahlah before cuti menggila disebabkn test and all the assignment and masa cuti pomm sama ! this is not hols...ini minggu yang diberikan ntk mmbuat kerja =="
Even Hari Raya Eidul Adha pom tak rasa raya sgt sebab demam ! suara dah mcm katak bak kata iera when she heard my voice and she even can't recognize me ! Ohmaii...hahahah. Hopefully before masuk Shah Alam balik, dah fully recovered from fever..InsyaAllah... >_<

Btw, bosan betol bila update blog but takda picture kan ? my BlackBerry phone, camera rosak. What to do...smartphone tp the quality is bad. Hopefully mama dapat bonus tahun ni, and buy me an iphone myb ?? Ngahahaha..dreaming !! Dapat dekan dapat iphone..kene usaha lebih nie ! hahaha. Okey chow ~

Selamat Hari Raya Eidul Adha !!

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