Thursday, March 3, 2011

Do we really need friends?

When we talk about friends, of course the people that shares everything wif u..people that always be wif u when u were alone...but are they the person that we called friends??

Aq ade kwan..kwan yg sgt aq syg dn mmg aq xsnggup mngalirkn air mata sbb mereka. Tp, kt cni? I mean UiTM? tempat aq blajar nie? Nak kata xde tu, nk kata kwan2 btol2 kwan mcm kt skolah dlu mmg lah xde...

Siyesly, hidup aq kt cni sgtlah kelas mkan sowank...
Why?? Because I dont want to make any friends in here...I dont want to be hurt anymore...and I dont want to make friends wif the people that doesn't sincerely wanna friends wif me..
But I do have friends that gets me high...of course I do...hihi.. Everytime nak hangout, aq akn kua dgn dyeowank..melepak..why?? because they just be theirself and does not HIPOCRIT..Love em' very muchhh..:)

Sometimes I do feel lonely and sad..but I must remember that I come here just to study and not to make friends...I must be strong...and I know I can do it...I want to be successful..yeahhh..:)
Btw, knape aq nk rase sdih2..?? I have my boyfieee...and my family that always supporting me...yeah!

Qistina, you have your own FAMILY and FRIENDS. They are more demm fuckin' cool, so NO NEED TO BE SAD!

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